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Presidential directions on holiday pay claims

by Laurie Anstis on December 15, 2014

The Presidents of the Employment Tribunals in England and Wales and Scotland have now published presidential directions on holiday pay claims. They are in similar terms, setting out a process for applying to amend existing claims to encompass later payments (…)

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Latest news on the judicial review of employment tribunal fees

by Laurie Anstis on September 18, 2014

The employment tribunal fees judicial review application made by Unison was in the Court of Appeal today to deal with some procedural points. Unison have issued a brief press release on the outcome, from which it seems that the appeal (…)

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Hounga v Allen – the effect of illegality on discrimination claims

by Laurie Anstis on July 30, 2014

There have long been arguments about what rights an individual has if employed under a contract of employment which is itself illegal. As a general principle, the courts will not enforce illegal contracts – but what about discrimination claims? They (…)

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New employment tribunal (and court) fee remission form and guidance

by Laurie Anstis on July 1, 2014

As anticipated, the government have now published a new form and guidance notes for applying for fee remission in the employment tribunal and other courts and tribunals. The changes are intended to simplify the form and notes, and now allow (…)

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Unfair dismissal and article 30 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

by Laurie Anstis on June 30, 2014

I’d always thought that unfair dismissal law in Europe was simply a matter for national governments, with no EU directives or other measures requiring particular protection for employees. I was surprised, therefore, to come across article 30 of the Charter (…)

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