Recommended books

People sometimes ask me for recommendations of employment law books. These are my favourites:

Employment Tribunal Claims: Tactics and Precedents

employment tribunal claims

If you are bringing an employment tribunal claim, or thinking of bringing one, my recommendation is Employment Tribunal Claims: Tactics and Precedents, by Naomi Cunningham and Michael Reed.

This latest version covers the new tribunal rules, and even the new early conciliation process. It’s a great practical guide to how to bring an employment tribunal claim.

“Discrimination in Employment” is from the same publishers, but focuses on discrimination claims.

Naomi and Michael also run a great blog to support the book. You can find it here.

Tolley’s Employment Law Handbook

tolleys employment law handbook

The best single volume guide to employment law is Tolley’s Employment Law Handbook. It’s a heavyweight legal book, but at a fraction of the price of some other professional books (yes, really) and covers 95% of all the employment law anyone needs to know.

The Law Society’s Employment Law Handbook is a good but less detailed alternative at a lower price.

Blackstone’s Employment Law Practice

blackstone's employment law practice

Compared to the other two books, Blackstone’s Employment Law Practice is a relative newcomer, but has become one of my favourites. In one volume it includes commentary on basic employment law and employment tribunal procedure, along with copies of the relevant statutes and regulations.

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Employment Tribunal Claims

Discrimination in Employment

Tolley’s Employment Law Handbook

The Law Society’s Employment Law Handbook

Blackstone’s Employment Law Practice