by Laurie Anstis on July 26, 2016

LawFest is back for 2016.

What is LawFest? Organised by Paul Gilbert of LBC Wise Counsel, it is the antidote to legal conferences. It is for lawyers of every different kind, but is not about law. Drawing on experts from many different fields, it is a relaxed and informal event that opens up opportunities far removed from the daily work routine.

What’s going to happen? I don’t know, but I went to the inaugural event in 2014 and signed up as soon as I heard that there was an event for 2016.

LawFest is held in Cheltenham on 19 & 20 August. Tickets are available for either or both days, and there is further information and booking details here.

Perhaps the best guide for what to expect is Brian Inkster’s full write-up of the 2014 event here, and there are some more details for 2016 here.