The social media law project

by Laurie Anstis on March 13, 2013

Sean Jones QC of 11KBW has today launched “The Social Media Law Project“.

The project has two aims – first, the development of a balanced “open source” social media policy for use by employers, and second, to be a resource for materials relating to the law on social media and employment rights.

The project draws inspiration from so-called “open source” computer programs, where coders collaborate in the development of software which is then licenced with only limited restrictions to anyone who wants to use it. Adaptations and amendments to the original software are usually fed back into the project, in a process of continuous improvement. Much of the internet is now built on open source software.

It is still early days for the project. There are only two clauses yet on the project’s website, but it is one to watch (and to participate in) for anyone interested in innovation in legal practice, and employment lawyers looking for the latest developments in social media and the law.

One comment

Looks like an interesting project!

The concept of an open source policy is great – wonder if a version could be hosted on Github (like if the analogy of open source software is going to be followed to its conclusion? Would be an interesting way of capturing contributions and changes.

Look forward to seeing how this progresses.

by Jon Bloor on 13 March 2013 at 7:49 pm. #