Employment law cases in the Supreme Court – Trinity term 2012

by Laurie Anstis on June 11, 2012

The Supreme Court Trinity term starts today, and they have issued a provisional list of hearings for the term (pdf).

Employment law cases listed for hearing are:

4 July – O’Brien v Ministry of Justice – the Supreme Court will consider whether fee-paid judges are entitled pro-rata to the benefits that salaried judges get, following the CJEU’s judgment on its referral.

11 July – Birmingham City Council v Abdulla – considering whether equal pay claims can be brought in the courts after the expiry of the time limit that would apply to an employment tribunal claim.

23 July – British Airways v Williams – considering the entitlement of airline pilots to paid annual leave (again, following a reference to, and decision by, the CJEU).

There are no outstanding employment law judgments awaited.