by Laurie Anstis on August 12, 2011

The #ukemplaw hashtag on Twitter is one year old today.

At the time it was suggested, there was no hashtag for dealing with UK employment law topics. #emplaw was being used occasionally, but was dominated by US law, so any searches would turn up far more US than UK references.

These days, tweets using the #ukemplaw hashtag are usually the first way of finding out about new development in employment law.

There are two occasions that stick in my mind in which Twitter and the #ukemplaw hashtag has been particularly useful for keeping on top of employment law issues. First, the problem with compromise agreements and s147 of the Equality Act, and then the problems with the transitional provisions for the abolition of the default retirement age. The latter lead to the #ukemplaw hashtag gaining mainstream interest following its recommendation by Daniel Barnett.

I’ve set up an archive of recent tweets referencing #ukemplaw. It is not searchable, unfortunately, but it gives a good idea of current activity. There have been over 1,500 tweets using the hashtag in the last two months.

No-one owns or controls a hashtag, not even Twitter, but I hope that in the next year #ukemplaw will continue to be a great way of referencing the latest and most interesting developments in employment law.

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