Judicial assessment in the employment tribunal

by Laurie Anstis on October 6, 2016

Presidential Guidance has been issued on a new process of  Judicial Assessment in the employment tribunals in England and Wales. This new guidance is applicable from 3 October 2016.

Drawing on the overriding objective and the duty in rule 3 for the tribunal to “encourage the use by the parties of … other means of resolving their disputes by agreement“, this new guidance includes a protocol for employment judges to give “an impartial and confidential assessment … at an early stage in the proceedings, of the strengths, weaknesses and risks of the parties’ respective claims, allegations and contentions“. Read the rest of this entry »

Billable Hour 2016

by Laurie Anstis on September 12, 2016

I wrote last year about the Billable Hour campaign, initiated by Sean Jones QC in support of Save the Children’s work with refugees. Last year over £200,000 was raised.

The need for such support remains, and there is a fresh appeal this year. You can find full information about the campaign here and donate here. Please consider whether you can make a donation to this cause.

Changes to taxation of termination payments

by Laurie Anstis on August 12, 2016

Following the budget announcement and consultation on proposals to reform taxation of termination payments, the government has now issued its response and put out for consultation detailed proposals on changes to taxation of termination payments. Read the rest of this entry »

The Briggs Report – the future of employment tribunals

by Laurie Anstis on July 27, 2016

Lord Justice Briggs has today published his final Civil Courts Structure Review report.

Much of the report is concerned with the future of the civil courts (including eye-catching proposals for a new online court), but at paragraph 11.11 onward he also touches on the future of the employment tribunal and employment appeal tribunal, given the current overlap in work between them and the civil courts. Read the rest of this entry »


by Laurie Anstis on July 26, 2016

LawFest is back for 2016.

What is LawFest? Organised by Paul Gilbert of LBC Wise Counsel, it is the antidote to legal conferences. It is for lawyers of every different kind, but is not about law. Drawing on experts from many different fields, it is a relaxed and informal event that opens up opportunities far removed from the daily work routine.

What’s going to happen? I don’t know, but I went to the inaugural event in 2014 and signed up as soon as I heard that there was an event for 2016.

LawFest is held in Cheltenham on 19 & 20 August. Tickets are available for either or both days, and there is further information and booking details here.

Perhaps the best guide for what to expect is Brian Inkster’s full write-up of the 2014 event here, and there are some more details for 2016 here.